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We are sure you have questions.  What is the MTA?  What is the hobby of preserving military vehicles all about? Why would anyone want to do this?  Why should anyone care to come to their show, or support its events?   Who are the members of the MTA? What do they stand for?

  • What is this club about? The Military Transport Association, Inc. is more than just a car club.  For more than 35 years It has been dedicated to the care and preservation of vehicles which are the symbol of the soldiers who served with them. 


  • About the hobby.  At our show, you can learn about the history of military vehicles and transportation of men and supplies.  You can see how the vehicles are outfitted to fight and survive a battle.  And learn about the hobby of preserving these magnificently designed vehicles, and the gear that they employ in their mission.  And you can buy militaria, military related articles, and other interesting items that our vendors have for sale on the more than 200 vendor spaces. 


  • Why do we host this show each year?  The reason we host the Annual MTA Military Vehicle Show and Swapmeet is to introduce others to the hobby which is our passion.  Unlike similar events, our philosophy has always been to attract not only the military vehicle collector community, but also the public, hopefully introducing non- hobbyists to the Military Vehicle collector and the restoring community. 

    In fact, many of our most active members "Got the bug" of military vehicle restoration and collecting by visiting one of our shows. 


  • Why are we different from an antique car club?  True, on any balmy weekend, you way see our members out enjoying our hobby, driving around, doing a "Trail Ride" through the woods, or parked at a car show displaying our vehicles with other antique vehicle enthusiasts.

    But on Memorial Day, Veterans Day,  the Fourth of July and other similar holidays, our vehicles are magically transformed into a symbol honoring the service and sacrifice made by the millions of our fellow citizens who served to protect and defend our families.   When we roll down Main Street and the crowd applauds and yells "Thank You", they are not honoring the MTA, or applauding the skill with which we have restored our vehicles. No, they are thanking the persons who served in our vehicles, and whose sacrifice has kept our country free. We are a symbol, a stand in for those brave citizens who have served, or are currently in harms way.

    Every MTA member who participates in a parade feels a particular form of pride and respect for the vehicles we steward and keep safe as we drive them in these solemn events, and it is that feeling which motivates all of us to spend the considerable time and funds necessary to keep and maintain our vehicles.


  • What we do with the funds we make at the show? A non-profit organization, we are dedicated to public service, and perform many good works, including active programs to support our local National Guard units and their families while they are deployed defending us. For example, since our servicemen have been deployed in harms way, the MTA has continually been sending packages to soldiers deployed from our local units,  who are housed at local armories. 

    We employ our vehicles as collection points for "Toys for Tots", (including financial and volunteer operational support for operation toy train ), and  transport veterans in ceremonial events.  And we have supplied vehicles to weddings and funerals, and many of our vehicles have been in movies and photos promoting military subjects. And, of course, we are a social club too, a great bunch of tired iron enthusiasts and their families


  • Who are we? We are made up of more than 200 members from every walk of life, and every community.  There are physicians, lawyers, engineers, (actually, we have both kinds of engineers, the kind with the slide ruler, and also the kind that drive a locomotive) teachers, contractors, writers, photographers, computer programmers, policemen, shopkeepers, and soldiers among our membership.  Certainly, there is an MTA member living near to you!


  • Where can I learn more?  For much more information about the MTA, please visit our web site www.mtaofnj.org. While visiting our Web site, please be sure to read some of our newsletters archived there, which are chocked full of articles about us and our activities. And look at the many pictures of the various projects and events we sponsor.  For those interested in joining us, membership in the MTA is $20 per year. Members receive12 newsletters a year, and are urged to participate in our activities and functions. Although most of our members are veterans, many are not.  But, all of us share the desire to "keep 'em rolling," and thereby keep history alive! So, you do not have to be a veteran, or even own a vehicle to join us. 

More Information about how to join the MTA is contained on the back page of any newsletter archived on our web site, or you can email the membership chairman, Membership@mtaofnj.us  Or, visit the club table at the show, or talk to any show staff member in an orange "Event Staff"  tee shirt at the show!

  • We are affiliated with the international organization, the MVPA. Their web site provides more information about Military Vehicle preservation. www.mvpa.org  

Please view and print out our informational brochure by clicking here